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Team research: Piero Cutilli, Alessandro Spalletta. Team Leader: Daniela Di Lascio, Valentina Pirritano, Marco Ripiccini. Project team: Adriano Conti, Daniele Ficociello, Sara Bianchetti.

Dotty is an active chair that receives, supports and inspires the body thanks to its soft modules conveniently replying to it with three different densities. These modules are allocated on the surface of the supporting metal sheet and are made of metal tubes bended and welded together with the metal sheet. The chair is particularly adapted for the Contract space and for the Home because of its restrained price and its customization. The modules conceived in an ergonomic way can be customized by choosing materials of different density and colours aiming to guarantee a confortable and pleasing sitting.


Client | Rodal S.r.l.

Date| 2012

Designer |  team reaserach.


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