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Getting inspiration by Bruno Munari while telling the path of the planning by designer when he creates a new product I wanted to explain the path of the planning when he creates a system/service. In a society getting always more complex, the designer’s task is to give to the people some appropriate conceptual models in order for them to understand the projects and to simplify as much as possible the interaction between the human and the object. Design supports the people. Products can’t be project singularly anymore but they are part of a system where often services are an integrated part of them.  In order to project there is often the need to work in a team that deals with the complexity of the system. Therefore to project systems requires an overview that sometimes includes, but not necessarily, the project of a product. Therefore the designer’s process of projectation has change: starting from the enunciation of the problem by the commitee we arrive at the solution and realization through a process that is not anymore linear and straight but it is complex instead as you can see from the map I drawned.  My designer competences varies from projectation of systems to the design of the product, graphic and communication, preparations, multimedia design.


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