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Luffa’s tree en



Luffa’s tree is a room diveder and at the same time a little vertical garden giving to the home worker a private space and a “zen” occupation to relax during the breaks.Luffa’s tree is something to take care of, or just to enjoy as a green area inside the house as it can be programmable. Luffa’s tree is made of a structural part in white metal, and of a “fruits” part made with Luffa. Luffa is a type of plant belonging to the gourd family. His fruit is very similar to a zucchini but his plant is climbing as for the pumpkins. Despite its Asian origin now is also cultivated in Italy. In each Luffa, people can put 4 “suhi” rolled felt with inside some natural cotton and seeds of some small plant that can grow up in apartment. People can choose which kind of seed to put inside the Luffa and then take care of it.When the plant starts growing too much it needs to be transplant in a vase or even better in a garden. People can transplant the plant together with the luffa, the cotton and the felt as they are all biodegradable materials. Afterward you can decide to insert new seeds in an other Luffa and to start again to make it grow and take care of it. Luffa also have isolation’s features from sound and from cold.

Client |  Isia

Date| 2011

Designer | Daniela Di Lascio




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