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Team research: Piero Cutilli, Alessandro Spalletta. Team leader: Daniela Di Lascio, Valentina Pirritano, Marco Ripiccini. Project team: Adriano Conti, Daniele Ficociello, Leonardo Graziano, Chiara De Donatis.

Orbita will be used by the client of the contract, so it will be used for a limited time. It will be used in the vip lounge of the airport. It’s name is Orbita.The double aspect that it can assume responds to two differents typology of use: one for working and the other one for relaxing. We designed Orbita in a way that the people who are going to use it will be able to keep a correct postural configuration in both positions.During the working position the chest forms an angle between chest and thigh of 105°, the area between the sitting level and the inferior edge of the support base allows to comfortably seat without occurring any problems for the thighs. Same thing happens for the sit down/stand up procedure that is not obstructed by the size of the support base. By maintaining this posture feet lay comfortably on the ground for people included in the range from the 50° percentile of men and women.During the relax position you have an angle between chest and thigh of 115° and the rotated platform base that allows to lean the legs. The lower body is supported for most part of his lenght.


Client |Tonon

Date| 2013

Designer | team research



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