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P.e.p.e. en


Team research: Prof. Alessandro Spalletta.Team leader: Daniela Di Lascio, Federica Spera; Project team: Gianluca Arena, Marco Piras, Giulia Cavallini, Francesca Collalti.

P.e.p.e acronym stands for Ecological Process for Energy Production. P.e.p.e is a system composed by a machine and the services.The machine, through an ecological pyrolytic process turns the undifferentiated waste into electrical energy available where and when needed. The machine has both physical and emotional features: it is modular, it’s easy to assemble, it is transportable into a standard container and it is easy to use thanks to a friendly interface with an acoustic and bright signposting. Pepe is a totem with emotional features: a urban meeting point with the aim to create affection, to a share e common value and to strengthen its user’s ecological awareness. Pepe can be installed into buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, waste collection’s centers, factories, military bases or it can be used in a state of emergency. Pepe can be customised in several ways depending on the final user who will be managing it. The energy that Pepe provides can be used for urban mobility (bike/car sharing) or for the cashmachine located in a service module nearby Pepe. Pepe’s interface can be appreciated by the user for its contribution to the environment expressed in a clear and transparent way. Be a fan of Pepe!


Client | Costruzione Servizi Tecnologici Srl

Date| 2014

Designer | team



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