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Team research:  Piero Cutilli, Alessandro Spalletta. Team leader: Daniela Di Lascio, Valentina Pirritano, Marco Ripiccini. Project team: Adriano Conti, Daniele Ficociello, Sara Bianchetti, Leonardo..

The equipment for electronical fishing is made of a pole diving into the water in order to daze the fishes and to capture them and a backpack for the control and the command of the system.The pole and the landing net had a configuration (angulation of the pole, support for the forearm, system of balance and grip) which tents to let the users to mantain the most fisiologically correct and less laborious position for the upper limbs.Particular attention has been given to the grip, conceived for percentile that varies from the 5° feminine to the 95° masculine. The backpack is made in fabric and accommodates the batteries in the back part while in the anterior part are located the systems of command and control.The conformation of the shoulder-straps, their dimension and their regulation (including those permitting the hook between the anterior and posterior parts) allows the object to be worn by people fitting the range running from the 1° feminine percentage to the 99° masculine percentage. As the batteries are the most heavy part they have been hooked on the butterfly support that lays on the lumbar part of the body, sticking on it. The anterior part that conteins the control and command system fit together with the body and partly balances the posterior weight of the batteries. The interface of the control panel has been redesigned in a way that the button start and the other commands were perceptively easely detactable and actionable.


Client |Scubla

Date| 2013

Designer | team research




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