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Artspace is a sustainable housing module, an area available for young and less young creatives in which they can express themselves freely. Module’s characteristics:

  • Prefabrication
  • Join together in several configurations (aiming to create spaces for aggregation and gathering)
  • The internal customization depending on the sort of activities you are willing to do inside of it
  • The energetic independence
  • The internet connection
  • The inner bathroom
  • The lock that allows to safeguard the material inside
  • A “gallery” room to exhibit your own works

These modules are built and maneged by the Rome municipal district and are located inside the neighborhood’s parks, villas, suburbs, unused spaces. They are rented low cost to private citizens who will be managing them and be responsible of them. Things you can do inside: music, photography, painting/drawing, sculpture, writing.


Client |  Isia

Date| dal 2011

Designer | Daniela Di Lascio


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