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Team: Daniela Di Lascio, Gianluca Arena, Valeria Fabiano, Belinda Di Nardo, Viktor Malakuczi.

Madeleine is a digital system helping the student to enhance the connections between the several disciplines during his school education. Madeleine it’s composed by a portable device and Cloud applications that students can use with the help of a pc, tablet, smartphone and any other technology devices available at school like multimedia blackboard. It suggests insights from the real world to the students in connection with the concepts explained by the teacher during the lessons. Madeleine records all the student’s interests like images, movies, sounds, geographical positions and hyperlinks in order to extend their cultural knowledge. During the student’s growth Madeleine will change its look throught the costumization of the cover and the evolution of the contents.


Client | Selezionato al Contest Samsung Award 2014

Date| 2014

Designer | team



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